Mrs. Skrzypczak-4th

Being a Fourth Grader in LL8 is GREAT!

WelcomeFrogEach year at Holy Family brings something new. In fourth grade your child will switch classrooms for Social Studies for the first time. I will teach all of the students Science and Mrs. Seivert will teach Social Studies. It is also the first time they receive their own assignment notebook and fill it in on their own. They can use it also to place notes to themselves and begin the process of becoming an organized student. Another change is in their report card which will now have letter grades. And finally, there are several clubs and activities that the student may want to explore. The beginning of the year presents some challenges in getting used to the additional responsibilities and organization of it all, but it is my hope that the transition will be smooth with my guidance and also with the support from the parent. Together, we can guide these precious little people into become the best person they can be.

Please write me a note, leave me an email message, or stop by after school if you have any concerns or questions.


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