Sra. Pasillas-Spanish

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As of 2012, about 21% of the United States population speaks a different language at home.  After English, Spanish and Chinese are the most spoken languages.

15 reasons to learn a foreign language:

1. You can speak to more people.

2. It grows kids' brains.

3. It boosts test scores in core subjects.

4. It boosts kids' abilities in their native language.

5. It's easier to acquire foreign languages as a child.

6. It boosts empathy.

7. It boosts cross-cultural understanding to get along.

8. It helps train a child's ear for music.

9. It boosts career opportunities.

10. It boosts salaries.

11. It makes travel more fun.

12. It can connect kids to their heritage.

13. It helps prevent age-related cognitive decline.

14. It can increase out of the box thinking.

15. It's fun!

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