Due to the pandemic, there will be no sports teams this school year.

The Athletic Program is sponsored by Holy Family Parish and is to reflect the Catholic Faith and the faith-values of Holy Family Parish and of the Roman Catholic Church. These faith-values will be reflected in decisions we make, in the approaches that we take to the children in our program, and in everything about our Athletic Program, as well as every other area of our parish life.

The Athletic Program is an extension of our grade school and religious education program--that is, the values and philosophy conveyed by the coaches and staff of the program must be seen as a continuation and furthering of the Catholic Christian values our children are taught in our school and religious education program.

The following Parochial League sports are part of the Holy Family Parish Athletic Program:

**Jr Titan Football: this fall sport is a city-wide Catholic school team run by Boylan High School. For more information on the Jr. Titan Football Program and registration forms, go to their website at

In addition, Holy Family School offers:

Holy Family Parish Athletics is a participation-based, volunteer run program. Every child who signs up for a sport is placed on a roster, the number of teams is adjusted each year based on the number of participants. In addition, every participant receives required playing time each game or match.

We rely on the time and talent of our Parishioners; parents and non-parents alike. It is the willingness of our Parishioners to give of themselves that enables our programs to flourish. Should you be interested in volunteering your time and talent to our Athletic Program, please contact the Athletic Director.

Athletic Director, Curt Kidder can be contacted by phone at 815-262-5952, or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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