2nd Grade Curriculum

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This is a very special year for your children as we prepare for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist. We will be doing many extra activities to prepare. First Reconciliation is usually planned for January or early February.  Our First Communion Day is scheduled for after Easter.  Each child will make a small felt banner to be hung in Church.

We have a second grade religion book that we do throughout the year. It is Blest Are We published by RCL Benziger. They have a web site that you may want to visit: http://www.blestarewe.com
The five units in this book are:
We Gather as Believers
We Ask God's Forgiveness
We Celebrate the Word of God
We Celebrate the Gift of Eucharist
We Go in Peace
Every Wednesday we attend Mass with our 5th Grade partners. We also have several prayer services throughout the year.



Our reading series is Journeys, by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Company. We read two basal reading books, completing a story a week. Along with the reader we have two practice workbooks for skill building in reading comprehension, spelling, phonics, and grammar. We have short supplementary leveled story books that accompany our series. We have guided small reading groups once a week.

The children are required each month to read two books from our library and do a written report and an Accelerated Reader.

Every full week of school we have a Friday spelling test of 16 words taken from that week's story and words that have a certain spelling pattern or vowel sound we have studied.  We have a practice quiz on Wednesdays.



In Math we use Progress in Mathematics from the Sadlier-Oxford Company. There are twelve chapters that cover many skills including addition and subtraction, using many strategies, money, time, measurement, place value, geometry, fractions, graphs, numbers to 1000, adding and subtracting with regrouping, and adding and subtracting three digit numbers.

Drill and practice of the math facts is very important in Second Grade.



Neighborhoods is the title of our textbook from Houghton Mifflin publishers. It includes map skills, goods and services, citizenship, American history and special Americans. We also do mini-units on Our Country, Our Government, and Our Flag.



We have the 2005 edition of Harcourt Science. The main topics are living things and where they live, earth now and long ago, space, weather, matter and energy. We usually plan at least one field trip devoted to a science topic we have covered.



We use the D'Nealian style of handwriting. A good part of the first semester is spent practicing our printing skills. Cursive handwriting is introduced and used second semester. Each letter is taught and practiced before we begin writing all our work in cursive.

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