5th Grade Curriculum

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In Reading we will be using the text Journeys by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. With the text we will read a variety of short stories including fiction, non-fiction and excerpts from novels. In addition to the text we will also read 3 novels as a class. We will work on using context clues to formulate definitions, discuss character and plot developement and plot summarization.

Students are encouraged to read a variety of books throughout the year from a variety of genres. Each quarter the students are required to achieve a given number of Accelerated Reader points by reading books of their choice. In addition they will be assigned a book report, each covering a different genre of literature.

1st Quarter - 10 Accelerated Reader points
2nd Quarter - 10 Accelerated Reader points and a book report
3rd Quarter - 15 Accelerated Reader points and a book report
4th Quarter - 20 Accelerated Reader points and a book report

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This year in English we will continue to work on the eight parts of speech. We will incorporate this work with a variety of assignments, such as daily practice of the skill, paragraph writing and a report style paper. Good grammar is important in all day to day writing. Proper capitalization, punctuation and spelling are expected in all subject areas.

We will be using Voyages in English as our Text. Their website has instruction for each lesson, as well as a game to practice these skills at the end of each section.

Voyages in English


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In math we will be reviewing concepts such as multiple digit addition, subtraction, and multiplication, as well as division.

Most of the year will be spent concentrating on decimals and fractions. We will be adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing, as well as converting between them. Students are encouraged to always ask questions. If a concept is not clear to them, it is probably unclear to many others. I know this can be hard, but it will only help them.

At the beginning of each month the students will be given a calendar of specific math facts to study each week. They are asked to study these facts for at least 5 minutes each night. There will be a test on the assigned facts the following Monday. The students will be given 2 minutes to anwer 50 problems, and on review weeks, 4 minutes to answer 100 problems. This practice is to strengthen their accuracy and fluency, helping them to succeed in all daily work.

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This year we will be focusing our studies on the seven sacraments, using the text Christ Our Life. We will learn and discuss how we can live the sacraments in our every day lives. I encourage daily discussions to share our faith and learn from the experience of others.

We attend Mass every Wednesday as a school community. We pray the Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy as a school. We also pray the Stations of the Cross each Friday in Lent.

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This year in science we will cover the following topics:

Unit A - Living Systems: cells, body systems, and classification of living things
Unit C - Processes That Change the Earth: rocks and minerals, weather and climate, oceans
Unit B - Systems and Interactions in Nature: cycles in nature, how living things interact, biomes, preserving the ecosystem
Unit E - Building Blocks of Matter: properties of matter, atoms and elements.

With each chapter there will be notes given to help the students better understand the chapter, as well as learn valuable note taking skills. There will be homework assignments and quizzes given, as well as a test on each chapter. Students should keep all work regarding the chapter until after they have taken the test. For many of the chapters we will also be doing investigations to help explore the topic.

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Each week the class will be working on a new unit in the spelling book. The workbook pages will be due on Wednesday of each week. There will be a test on the 20 words every Friday, or the last day of the week.

As well as the spelling units, the students will use proper spelling in all of their daily work. The words learned each week should be used in daily writing to better enhance written work.

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Social Studies
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In 5th grade the students will change classes once a day with the other fifth grade. Mrs. Shippert will teach the students social studies.

Mrs. Shippert's Curriculum Page

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