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Christian Ministry Program 2019-2020

When we look at the cross, we know how much Jesus loved us then.

When we look at the tabernacle, we know how much Jesus loves us now.

On the night before he died—Jesus left us himself in the Eucharist, under the appearance of bread and wine. So is he also present in the distressing disguise of the poor, though in quite a different way. And he gave us a new commandment: "Love one another as I have loved you".

And to make it easy for us to love, he said: "Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me"; for I was hungry, thirsty, naked, homeless, unwanted, untouchable,—and you did it to me. I call this the Gospel on five fingers—five words: You did it to me. Jesus cannot tell a lie. In your five fingers you have your love for Jesus. And St. John tells us that "if anyone says, I love God, yet hates his brother, he is a liar. One who has no love for the brother he has seen—cannot love the God he has not seen". Look at your fingers often and remind yourself of this love.

--St. Teresa of Calcutta


Flowing from Holy Family School’s mission statement, the Christian Ministry Stewardship program offers 6th, 7th and 8th grade students opportunities to serve and imitate Christ. Since the program’s beginning in January 1989, Religion classes at Holy Family have provided a framework for students to serve their families, school, parish, community and the world. We remember how Jesus’ gift of His Body and Blood for us should fill our hearts with gratitude for all we have been given, and call us to reach out in love to those in need.

Goals of the Christian Ministry Stewardship Program:

To become more aware of the dignity of all people. We are all created in the image of God.

To gain a deeper understanding of Christianity as a way of life.

To experience the joy of loving and helping others by giving of oneself.

To become more aware of the needs of others in our homes, school and community.

To relate class work with the community outside of school.

To grow closer to God in one’s service to others. “Whatever you did to the least of these, you did to Me” (Mt. 25:40).

Each of the junior high students is required to participate in this program as part of their Religion homework. Service hours account for 20% of his/her quarter Religion grade. Each student has the choice of completing 6-13 hours of service per quarter. Three hours may be served within the home of the 6th-8th grade students, and the rest of the hours must be served in the school, parish or community. Students must fill out forms for service performed each quarter.

Through the Christian Ministry Stewardship program, students learn about themselves and caring for others. They realize it takes patience and understanding when dealing with those who are in need – and faith to see Christ present in each person they encounter. Boys and girls alike learn what it takes to be a parent when they help more around the house and baby sit for small children. They learn how to work with others in a group, and discover how God can increase our effectiveness when they join together and share their gifts.

Christian Ministry Program Requirements

  • Service: All hours worked need to be as a volunteer. No payment should be involved, and the work should be for a non-profit organization.
  • Due dates: Turn in one week before each quarter ends. Specific dates for each grade posted in SchoolSpeak.
  • Forms: Use assigned forms. Forms must be signed by the person who supervises the services, so please plan ahead. Make sure all forms are dated. Do not change numbers on the form unless you have an adult’s explanation and signature on the form.
  • There is a 3 hour limit for home hours. The rest of your time must be serve in the school, parish or community. Take the opportunity to choose a variety of activities.


“We make the Church present by proclaiming the Good News. What is the Good News? The Good News is that God still loves the world through each one of us. You are God's Good News; you are God's love in action. Through you God is still loving the world. Each time people come into contact with us, they must become different and better people because of having met us. We must radiate God's love. By our living and working together as God's family, we proclaim that unity in the Church...” – St. Teresa of Calcutta

Holy Family School Service Opportunities

Music Ministry-Junior Choir, Cantor, Instruments at Masses throughout the year.

Contact Mrs. Koenig at 815-398-5331

Student Helpers-Students can help in a teacher's classroom before or after school or during their study hall. Fill out a parent permission form to sign up ASAP!

Holy Family Fall Festival-Student volunteers are needed to assist in setting up, taking down, and assisting at the various activities at the Fall Festival.  More information coming soon!!

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Holy Family Parish Service Opportunities

Altar Servers-Christian Ministry hours for regularly scheduled times, weekend Masses and for funerals and weddings (if no money is accepted).

Contact: John Summers at 815-398-4284

Totus Tuus/Vaction Bible School-Volunteer for next summer's VBS. The hours worked in June 2018 apply to the 2018-2019 school year.

Contact Barb Beckett at 815-398-4284

Eucharistic Adoration-Students may join with their parents in worshipping our Lord in the Nazereth Adoration Chapel. Sign up for an hour to adore our Lord and to pray for the needs of your families, our Church, our community, and our world. Live out in a powerful way the Spiritual Work of Mercy-to pray for the living and the dead.

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Assisted Living/Nursing Home Facilities

Presence St. Anne-A variety of service opportunities are available at St. Anne's Center. Students must call before going and students must inform them if they want to go as a group of three or more.

Contact: 815-229-1999

Cor Mariae Center-A variety of service opportunities are available with the residents.

Contact: 815-877-7416

Rosewood Care Center-Volunteers walk with residents who are confined to wheelchairs, visit with residents, play cards, checkers, etc.

Contact: 815-397-8700

Fairview Plaza

Contact: 815-397-5531

Alden Park Strathmoor

Contact: 815-229-5200

Alden Alma Nelson

Contact: 815-484-1002

Independence Village

Contact: 815-282-9696

Wesley Willows
Wesley Willows Baking-Bake delicious holiday-themed desserts for celebrations. Sign up with Mrs. Mannino

  • October - Halloween Party
  • November - Thanksgiving Party
  • January - Beach Party
  • February - St. Valentine's Day Party
  • March - St. Patrick's Day Party
  • April - Easter Party


Life House Properties-The Atrium-Volunteers visit with the residents, assist with crafts, walk with residents, play Bingo, and share Christ's love.

Contact: 815-282-3340

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Various Community Service Opportunities

American Red Cross Shelter

The American Red Cross Shelter is now the Rockford Rescue Mission's Women's Crisis Center which serves the needs of the homeless in Rockford.

Contact Number 815-963-8471


Northern Illinois Food Bank

Sign up on-line to schedule a time to volunteer. Please contact in advance. Groups of students are welcome! To learn more about feeding the hungry in our area, read about the Northern Illinois Food Bank.

Contact: Amy at 630-443-6910  ext. 167



The Regional Access & Mobilization Project, R.A.M.P., in our community helps clients with various disabilities to fully participate in society. Participate in any of the following: the Dekalb Wheel-A-Thon in September; the Boone County Wheel-A-Thon in April; and the Rockford Wheel-A-Thon in June.

Contact: 815-968-7467



The following items can be collected and turned in each quarter:

  • Pop tabs for Ronald McDonald's House-Gather 250 tabs in bag for 1 hour of community service. Two bag limit per quarter.
  • Ink cartridges for Holy Family Catholic School-Six used cartridges earns 1 hour of community service. (No Epson cartridges please-only small cartridges from home printers).
  • Box Tops and Labels for Education for Home and School - Gather 50 box tops in a bag to earn one hour of community service.


Poor Clare Monastery

We are blessed to have a contemplative order of nuns that live her in our city! The religious sisters depend upon the generosity of our commnity to provide for their needs. They have given their lives to Christ to pray for all in the world. If you are interested in supporting the Poor Clares, please call to find out their current needs.

Contact at 815-963-7343

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Educational Service Opportunities

Discovery Center Museum

Volunteer opportunities at Discover Center Museum available ONLY to 7-8 grade students (and students must be 13 years old). Students must go through the Discovery Center's training program.

Contact: 815-963-6769


Rockford Public Library

Volunteer at the library's Rockford Public Library's NE Branch.

Contact: Program Coordinator at 815-965-7606 ext. 749


Midway Village

Volunteer at various programs at Midway Village

  • WWII event in September
  • Scarecrow Harvest Festival in October
  • All Hallow's Eve in October

Contact: 815-397-9112

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