Social Studies Curriculum

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6th Grade World History

The following topics will be covered in 6th Grade World History:

6 ss1.Reviewing Historical Themes
2.Pre-History & Early Humans
4.Ancient Egypt & Kush
5.Ancient Far East (India & China)
7.Ancient Greece
8.Ancient Rome
10.Early Americas
11.Middle Ages
13.Early Modern World




7th Grade World Geography

The following topics will be covered in 7th Grade World Geography:

7 ss1.Reviewing Geographic Themes
2.Planet Earth (Climate, Environment & Resources)
3.World's People
4.North America
5.South America
7.Middle East
8.North Africa
9.South Africa
12.Australia & South Pacific






8th Grade United States History

The following topics will be covered in 8th Grade United States History:

8 ss

1.Reviewing Historical Themes
2.Early America & Road to Revolution
3.Declaration of Independence &U.S. Constitution
4.American Revolution
5.Sectionalism, Civil War & Reconstruction
6.Industrialization, Immigration, Urbanization, Imperialism
7.Roaring 20s
9.Great Depression & New Deal
11.Cold War
12.Civil Rights
14.Illinois Constitution
15.Modern America



Class Expectations:

1.  Students are expected to be in class and seated when the bell rings, ready for the day's material.

2.  Students are expected to bring their Three Ring Binder along with a spiral notebook, loose leaf paper, their textbook and a blue/black pen to class on a daily basis. Other items deemed useful, would include pencils, markers and highlighters.

3.  All written work is to be done neatly in blue or black ink along with complete sentences, correct grammar, punctuation & spelling on loose leaf paper.

**Work not done legibly or turned in on notebook paper torn out of a spiral notebook will not be accepted and given a detention.**

4. All assignments must be on loose leaf paper with the proper Holy Family heading:


5. All work must be completed on time. Missing and/or incomplete work will not be accepted in which case, a detention will be issued to complete for the following morning. The student will also incur a grade penalty 50% for any missed detention and a 0% for their second missed detention, per the Handbook Guidelines.

6. Work missed because of an absence must be made up promptly. For everyday a student is absent, they are given that many days to complete make-upwork. Homework given the day before the student is absent will be due on the 1st day the student reports to class. Projects are assigned weeks in advance and should be worked on a little at a time, not the night before.


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