Hello!!! Welcome to Jr. High Social Studies! 

Welcome to the 6th Graders who will be entering their first years in Jr. High. In 6th Grade we learn about World History. From the Dawn of Man, to Egypt, into Rome, across the Gobi Desert into China and beyond!

Welcome to the 7th Graders who will be learning about Geography and how our world works. We start the year understanding the different elements of the world from our people, to the weather, our planet interacting with the sun to specific countries! Come along and enjoy all our world has to offer!

Last but certainly not least, welcome to the veteran 8th Graders. Together we journey across our beautiful nation and study our American History. From early colonization to the Declaration of Independence and Constitution to the Civil War and Reconstruction! We take an in-depth study at our Constitution and Government and how it functions along with our own Prairie State. We also discuss the two World War's and how they influenced the world through out the Cold War and into modern America!

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