Pre-K 3 Curriculum

Goals of the Preschool Program

  • To nurture Catholic faith development in each child and in each child's family
  • To help a child develop a good self image
  • To assist a child to become aware of others in relationship to self
  • To develop independence skills
  • To develop social skills
  • To be able to share
  • To develop communication skills
  • To develop physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually

Our preschool curriculum is designed to prepare students for the Holy Family K-8 curriculum. The following skills lay the foundation for this preparation:

FAITH FORMATION: At a level appropriate for the age, students will learn about and practice the Catholic faith incorporating a religious preschool program called Stories of God’s Love. As the school recognizes our parents to be the primary educators of their children, parent must realize their critical role as Catholic faith teachers by practicing our faith at home (regular Mass attendance on Sundays and holidays, regularly participating in the sacraments, praying at home as a family, etc.)

PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT utilizes cross-curriculum activities that suit the child’s physical development of large and small motor (muscle) skills. This is achieved through an environment that provides freedom of expression, challenges, and the opportunity for frequent repetition. The ability to have control over one’s own body provides satisfaction, pride, and positive self-awareness.

DRAMATIC PLAY child-centered activity. Children engage in pretending, role-playing, and imaginative play. These activities enhance a child’s intellectual, physical, creative, and social emotional development. By providing a variety of materials and situations, children are able to integrate what they learn and experience into reality. By practicing social and communication skills, they learn to resolve conflicts, express their individuality, and realize their creativity.

MATH AND SCIENCE activities are designed for exploration and discovery. Through hands-on experiences, children will experiment using a variety of math and science techniques. These concrete experiences allow the children to gradually comprehend math and science. By providing opportunities to explore and develop a sense of stewardship for God’s earth, children will begin to gain respect and appreciation for our natural environment.

LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT includes reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Children are involved with quality literature in diverse settings. Children are encouraged to explore a variety of writing materials used in ways that are interesting, meaningful, and fun. Children are encouraged to express themselves and listen to others in a variety of situations. By integrating these opportunities throughout the day, the children practice effective communication skills.

MUSIC: Children will have opportunities to experience music from a variety of genres and cultures. Instruments and singing allow the children to express themselves emotionally and creatively, as well as experience musical elements. Music and movement are integrated as enjoyable parts of the curriculum, which encourage children to take risks and overcome inhibitions.

OUTDOOR PLAY is an extension of the classroom. The goal is to provide an enriched environment for physical exploration of each child’s abilities, which stimulates sensory and physical play. The outdoor experience broadens a child’s perspective of the world through freedom of expression and movement.

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