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In Kindergarten at Holy Family we use SRA’s Open Court Reading Program. The program is written by the Harcourt Brace Publishing Company. It is a very comprehensive program, which incorporates phonics, guided reading, language arts, and writing.

In addition to this program, I do "Letter of the Week" activities with my Kindergartners. Each week of the school year the students take home a Homework sheet to prepare them for the letter of the alphabet, which will be covered the following week. The Homework sheet contains a list of 4 or 5 activities involving the "Letter of the Week." The students, together with their parents, choose one of the activities to do at home over the weekend. The students bring their completed homework assignments to school on Monday to present to their classmates during the course of the week.

The Open Court Reading Program uses a series of pre-decodable books to introduce the children to 33 basic sight words. The pre-decodable books combine the basic sight words with picture clues to form stories that the children learn to read at school. The books are then taken home so the children can practice reading the stories to their families. There are 15 titles in the pre-decodable series. The students typically bring one book home each week.

Once the children become successful with letters and sounds and the 33 basic sight words, the Open Court Program provides a series of 20 decodable books for the children to progress through. To read these books the children need to put their phonics instruction to work to be able to sound out or decode the words contained in the books.

By the end of Kindergarten the students will have a very solid foundation in phonics and they will also be proficient, independent readers. They leave Kindergarten well prepared to meet the challenges of first grade.


LetterHomework    Environmental
 Example of Letter Homework    Examples of Environmental Print
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I integrate religion and Gospel Values into all aspects of the curriculum. In addition to covering the topics in the diocesan curriculum, the kindergartners learn the Sign of the Cross, Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, Angel of God, and the Before and After Meal Prayers. The students are taught liturgical music and Mass responses as well as appropriate church behavior at Mass. I also add "Character Building" to the Religion curriculum. Every month I focus on a different virtue to help my students develop strong character.


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At Holy Family we use the Sadlier/Oxford Math series. During the course of the first semester the students will work with the concepts of Directional Words and Sorting, Graphing and Patterns, Number Recognition 1 through 50, and Measurement, During the second semester, the students will work with the concepts of Time and Money, Geometry and Fractions, and Number recognition 50 through 100. Readiness for Addition and Subtraction will also be covered during the second semester.

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Social Studies

VotingHoughton Mifflin is the series we use for Social Studies. Topics covered in Social Studies include self awareness, character building, health and safety, social skills, building relationships, getting along with others, following rules, learning to work cooperatively, community helpers, learning to be a good citizen and how to care for the world, U.S. History and patriotism, and map skills. Thematic units are developed to cover these topics and Scholastic Let's Find Out publications are used to supplement the material presented in class.

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The primary grades use the D'Nealian style of Handwriting. The students will learn to correctly print both upper case and lower case letters using the D'Nealian style of letter writing. For a printable version of the D'Nealian style of handwriting, please click here.


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Experienced-based activities complement our basic science curriculum in Kindergarten. We use the Harcourt series which covers Life, Earth, and Physical Science. In Life Science the students explore animal and plant life. Land, Air, Water, Weather, and Seasons are covered in Earth Science. The chapters in Physical Science cover the Materials that Objects are Made of and the Physical Properties of Objects.



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