Health Class meets every Thursday during the class period that students regularly attend PE on Monday and Friday.



Homework 40%
First Five/Class Participation 10%
Projects 20%
Written Quiz/Test 30%



Class begins with attendance and a short review of the previous class lesson.  A review sheet with questions (First Five) will be given.  Homework will be graded, discussed and collected on a weekly basis.  The new lesson will be introduced and homework assigned.  If time allows, students may start the assignment in class.  Three main subject areas will be taught during the year.


The First Five Review will be given at the beginning of class.  Ten points are possible each class period.  These points are a combination of the short review sheet covering information from the previous lesson and class participation.  Absent students may complete the review sheet upon their return to school.  Classroom participation includes being involved in class discussions (answering questions, asking questions, partner and group discussion) and active listening skills.


Homework will be assigned each Thursday during class and is due on Friday.  Enrichment sheets, summaries and reviews to prepare for tests are given for each unit.  Class projects might include such activities as group work, oral or written reports, hands-on-projects, etc.


Students will be assigned class projects throughout the school year.  The projects will be based on the unit being studied at the time or overall health-related topics.  The projects may be presented in many forms including written or oral reports, game activity, video, infomercial, skit, one act play, etc.

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