Helpful Links


    AR Book Finderopen in new window inv

    Check balance of AR points 

Cinderella Story Web siteopen in new window inv (Found on "Fourth Grade Space" Web page)

Mrs. Frisby Vocab Test words on Quizletopen in new window inv



Spelling Cityopen in new window inv(A direct link to our lists. No need for a password.)




Biome Movie -from Animal Planetopen in new window inv

ikeepbookmarks - Science, plants, biomesopen in new window inv



LEVERS open in new window inv(it is a 12 min video) If it helps watch half at a time. View as a way to become familiar with levers. 



       Accel Math - view sample problems for an objective you need help with

IXL Fourth Grade Mathopen in new window inv  Great website. Lists various Math skills by category.  Go to the category you would like extra practice with. 


    Specific Math skills practice

Place Valueopen in new window inv

Decimal Place Value Practiceopen in new window inv

See IXL decimal place value U.3, U.4U.15U.16AA.5AA.6

Kahn Academy rounding numbers whole and decimal 

     IXL rounding Decimals (with no account only 10 problems)

Rounding Game - Scooter

Subtraction- Base ten blocks(another example)

Subtracting with zeros  7 min video 

Subtraction Link by MATH ANTICSopen in new window inv(Around 7 min long.  There is a 5 second advertisement in the beginning; click "skip ad" to begin Math video) 

Multiplying 2 digits by 2 digit video lessonopen in new window inv (Mrs. Skrzypczak's lesson)

Math Antics - 2 digit Multiplication videoopen in new window inv  (there is a 5 second advertisement in beginning, click "skip ad" to begin video) 

Story Problemsopen in new window inv - All operations

Story Problems  - 2 stepopen in new window inv

Long Division Basics and tutorialopen in new window inv   

Long Division (2nd Math Antics Video)  Part 2open in new window inv

Long Division tutorialopen in new window inv (not homework, but another site to try out simple long division.  Does not use letters DMSCBR)

Snork's Long Division Gameopen in new window inv

Mr. Nussbaum Drag and Dropopen in new window inv (Watch tutorial first which explains program using Multiplication.  Then choose DIVSION and you will be allowed to select the legth of dividend and divisor.  After you finish you will be able to get a print out of your completed problems.  Bring it in to class!)



Mixed Number Reviewopen in new window inv 

Convert between improper and mixed number (IXL)open in new window inv

Fraction practice - Cool Math 4 Kids open in new window inv(choose the sections you would like to practice in) Scroll down for games, too. 


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