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Our Collection to thank the Rockford Police Department

Thank you for the overwhelming response to our collection for the Rockford Police Department.  We collected and delivered two baskets, four boxes and a few bags filled with snacks to each of the three district stations.  We also received $160 in cash donations.  Since we did not need to purchase any more food items, we made a donation to Officer Cox's Memoial Fund at Alpine Bank.

PoliceCollection1Our first delivery went to Station One, on West State St.  They were very greateful, as they hadn't received any donations.  Everything was being donated to Station Three.  We were pleasantly surprised that our own Jeremiah Cizerle was there, having just ended his shift.  Jeremiah is a Holy Family graduate and the son of Mrs. Alice Cizerle, a former teacher here.  He is pictured on the right.

We also delivered snacks and cards to Station Two, on Broadway.  They, also, had not received any other donations before we arrived.

Our final stop was Station Three, on NewTowne Rd.  This was the station where Officer Cox had been working.  This is also the station where our community laison officers are assigned.  It was wonderful to be greeted by officers that we have built relationships with over the past couple of years. 

They asked that I extend their sincere appreciation to all of you!




Annie's Locker Collection


Another great year for Annie's Locker Collection.  We raised $285 this year.  The money goes to provide gym shoes and socks for local elementary students.AnniesLocker2017






As an all school project, on October 14th, we had a crazy socks day to support Annie’s Locker. It was a fun day for everyone! We paid a dollar to be able to wear crazy socks to school. There were all sorts of wild and crazy socks all over the school. $346.65 was raised.

The money will go to supply local elementary schools with 300 pairs of gym shoes and socks. They will be worn by students that don’t have proper footwear for gym class due to poverty or homelessness.




Book Club Donates to Rockford Rescue Mission

On Oct. 5th, Book Club discussed the book Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate. In the book, the main character, Jackson, is about to be homeless again. His father is sick and his mother has lost her job due to cut backs. Through the help of his imaginary friend, Crenshaw, Jackson learns to cope with the uncertainty of his future. During their garage sale, they are helped by kind strangers. The club wanted to help the homeless also.

Book Club members brought in gently used items, from their room at home. These items were then donated to the Rockford Rescue Mission for homeless and needy families.

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