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We not only focus on the factual information of the Catholic Church, but personal relationships with our Lord. As we study the church, we will learn about the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, Works of Mercy, and Scripture. Students will also learn how to apply these teachings to their lives. We will develop this understanding through presenting real-life situations and through role play. As we learn about the Church and her teachings, students will know the importance of having a personal relationship with God and in turn growing in their relationships.

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Reading will consist mostly of reading short stories and articles out of the reading textbook, which contains both fiction and nonfiction selections. As we read, we will work on comprehension skills, vocabulary enrichment, spelling, and reading fluency. The students will learn and apply strategies to help with comprehension.

In addition to the reading textbook, we will be reading two novels together: "Phineas L. MacGuire...Gets Slimed" by Frances O'Roark Dowell and "Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH" by Robert C. O'Brien. We will continue to work on comprehension, vocabulary, etc. as we enjoy these wonderful stories together.

Students will also be required to read AR books and take AR tests throughout the school year. Below is a list of the amount of points that students are required to earn each quarter. In order for the AR points to count, students need to have a score that is an 80% or higher. We want to make sure that students are reading and understanding the story.

First Quarter: 6 points

Second Quarter: 8 points

Third Quarter: 8 points

Fourth Quarter: 10 points

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In English, we will be focusing on seven of the eight parts of speech (noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, adjective, conjunction, and interjection) and how to use them correctly in writing. We will also be doing a lot of paragraph writing along with writing pieces that inform, persuade, and entertain. We will be using a five step writing process as we write:

1. Prewrite/brainstorm
2. Writing rough draft
3. Revise
4. Edit to fix errors
5. Publishing final draft

We will do a lot of work in all subjects to make sure correct spelling, capitalization, and punctuation are accurate in writing.

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We will be reviewing basics such as place value, adding, subtracting, and rounding along with newer concepts such as multi-digit multiplication, division, fractions, and basic geometry skills. As we go through each unit, we will work on our problem solving skills, number sense, and solve word problems.

For students to be successful in concepts such as double digit multiplication and long division, they must know their basic facts without hesitation. In order to accomplish this goal, the students should be practicing their basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division (when we get there) on a regular basis. This does not necessarily mean flashcard drill every night. You could make it a game, do them orally on the ride to school, or while doing the dishes. Making it fun will make learning more fun for your child.

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Social Studies

In fourth grade social studies we learn about geography, Native Americans, the Revolutionary War, the three branches of government, among other key topics and individuals in Illinois's history.

Students will be given a study guide or practice test a few days before a test. The practice tests and study guides give a good indication on the information that will be used on an actual test. Occasionally we make use of the Socrative App on our iPads, so students are able to get a feel for what the test will be like ahead of time.

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Science is taught by Mrs. Skrzypczak. Please feel free to visit her page for more information.

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