LRC Procedures


The LRC is open for student use during school hours.    


Checkout Periods

Students in grades K through 1 may check out one book for one week. Students in grades 2 through 8 may check out two books for two weeks.  Volunteer parents and grandparents help students with the selection of books and in checking them out. 

Overdue fines: Overdue fines are not charged for late books in grades K through 1, but books must be returned by the due date in order for students to be allowed to check out a new book for the following week.    

Overdue fines of $.05/day are charged for late books in grades 2 through 8.       


Use of the LRC

Students in grades K through 5 visit the library with their classes at scheduled times during the week. Junior High students visit the library from their literature class or during study hall with a pass from the literature teacher.

Special projects may be researched and worked on in the LRC by arrangements between the classroom teacher and the library staff. When a Junior High student is absent for a quiz or test, the test is generally made up in the LRC. Students who need to use the LRC outside of the scheduled time for their classes must have a pass from the teacher who has assigned library work. The pass should include the student's name and the purpose for being in the LRC. Junior High passes are one per student and are written by the teacher who has given the assignment and not by study hall teachers.

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