Uniform Guidelines

Page 35-38 of HFCS Family Handbook 2016-17

Clothing worn must be consistent with the mission and goals of the school.


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Open tops with low neck lines; layering multiple items that would include a low neck line; jean style slacks of any color; t-shirts; low cut/rise slacks; tight/snug fitting tops or slacks; make up and finger nail polish; skirt hem lengths above the knee, non-Holy Family hooded sweatshirts; sweat pants;pajama pants; etc.; jewelry (refer to uniform code); visible undergarments, ESPECIALLY when bending over; tight fitting tops or slacks that reveal undergarment outlines; sports jerseys


Wearing of the school uniform is mandatory and students are to be in full uniform on the first day of school. Dennis Uniform Company is the school’s designated uniform supplier.

DENNIS UNIFORM: www.dennisuniform.com     school code=G3FGR

Samples of uniform items and size are available in school.

Following are the uniform requirements:

All clothing should be loose fitting.

The chin, when dropping it down to touch the upper chest, should touch cloth, not skin.

TOPS - Boys and Girls - Grades K through 8

Solid (no emblems, piping, different collar color) navy blue, white or true red blouses or shirts - must have a full collar. (Band collars are inappropriate.) Turtleneck shirts, not mock turtleneck, may be worn. (Only HFCS mock turtleneck shirts, sold through our Home and School Association, are acceptable.) They may be either short or long sleeve. No color - combination shirts are allowed. Any sweaters must be solid navy blue, white or true red. THERE IS TO BE NO TRIM OR EMBLEMS OF ANY COLOR. Any cardigan, V-neck, crew neck, or vest-type sweaters must be worn with a blouse or a shirt that has a collar. Turtleneck sweaters may be worn without a blouse or shirt. These must be worn tucked into the skirt or slacks.

Holy Family hooded sweatshirts may be worn on designated school days.

Approved Holy Family emblem sweatshirts (sold through our Home and School Association) may be worn.

Boys - Grades K through 8

    1. Dress navy blue slacks. (slacks with outside seams and patch pockets would be inappropriate)
    2. Navy blue corduroy pants, dress style with no outside seams on the legs or pockets, may be worn.
    3. Junior High students may wear Dennis Uniform purchased khaki colored slacks.

Girls - Grades K through 8

    1. Dennis Uniform Plaid jumper or skirt. The bottom of the hem should be knee length (TOP OF KNEECAP).
    3. Blouses must be loose fitting and be the Dennis Uniform style.
    4. Makeup, jewelry, and nail polish are not to be worn. One finger ring or Christian symbol jewelry may be worn. Girls with pierced ears may wear one small stud (no hanging earrings) only in the ear lobe.


Miscellaneous - Boys and Girls - Grades K through 8

BELTS are worn on slacks or uniform shorts with belt loops.

FOOTWEAR: Gym/tennis shoes that tie or Velcro are to be worn. Ballet shoes and slippers are not allowed.

SOCKS: Crew-length socks of uniform colors -- solid white, solid navy blue or solid red -- are worn. The tops of socks seen above the shoes. Girl’s tights are to be of uniform colors only. All students must wear socks. Tennis and golf socks (ankle high) are not allowed.

Exposed shoulders and tops with low - cut fronts and/or backs are not acceptable for any school activity held before, during or after school. Tops must have sleeves. The collar lines of tops (other than polo shirt styles) must basically be at the base of the neck.


"REC NIGHTS": (Recreation nights) Athletic and Jeans attire

Student Council sponsors REC nights.
Students arrive within one half hour of the stated beginning time.
Students are picked up in the building by a parent/designated adult.
Students do not leave a rec night activity without a parent/designated adult.
Modest athletic attire is appropriate such as t-shirts, loose fitting shirts and shorts. (no tank tops, no exposed shoulders, no tight fitting shirts, shorts or pants;) Jeans attire is appropriate. (no low cut tops, no exposed midriffs, no low cut belt lines, no tight fitting jeans)



Birthday/Jeans Day Attire (Incentive Days)

Khakis and/or jeans shorts during first/last month of school year, students may wear a collared shirt or an appropriate, modest style T-shirt. [Open tops with low neck lines; layering multiple items that would include a low neck line are not appropriate. Low cut tops, exposed midriffs, low cut belt lines and tight fitting jeans are not appropriate.]

Jeans or khaki shorts during first/last month of school year with an appropriate, loose fitting t-shirt.

During all other months of the school year, students may wear jeans or khakis with an appropriate, loose fitting polo.

Appropriate jeans are loose - fitting blue denim worn at the waist. “Skinny” jeans, overly loose-fitting, colored jeans, or low-cut below the waist jeans are not acceptable.

Field Trip Attire

Jeans or khaki shorts during first/last month of school year with a Holy Family school uniform polo or a Holy Family T-shirt.

During all other months of the school year, students may wear jeans with a Holy Family school uniform polo.



Junior High Students wear a PE uniform. PE uniforms are available for purchase through the school office. The light blue t-shirt and navy blue short is required. Student names (ex. J. Smith) should be printed in the available space provided on the uniform school logo. Athletic-type shoes (non-marking soles) should be kept in the locker room, also marked with the student name. The Holy Family sweatpants and sweatshirt are optional.

During cold weather, students may wear sweatpants and shirts over the PE uniform when going outside. Any plain colored sweat outfit is acceptable. Sweats with emblems that would not be acceptable in school should not be worn.

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