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Jesus ChildrenThroughout the year we will learn of the great love God has for all of us and all of His creations. We will study about all the gifts He has given to us. We will look at creation- from the sky, to the world,and to all the animals on it! We will talk about the feelings we have when we see God in creation and feel His presence in our lives. We will identify other gifts such as our family, friends, and the environment.

We will be working with many different Bible stories and learn about all the children of God. We will see how Jesus comes to us through stories and celebrations throughout the liturgical year. We will also read from the Bible, see many storybooks, and make many projects as we learn about God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We will make many mini books retelling some of the stories we study too!

Daily we will talk about God's love for all of us. We will discuss our love for Him and how we can be His people, the children of God. Weekly we will practice good church behavior and participation. We will attend Mass every Wednesday and on holy days to practice praising God!

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Reading/ Phonics

readingThe kindergarteners will be immersed in many activities working with phonics, guided reading, writing, and language arts.  Our class will study a letter of the week. There will be activities, art projects, and writing to practice letter and sound recognition. We will use the Harcourt Brace series to make take home books for practice and review. The students will soon be working on sight words and picture clues to read to you. As the year progresses your student will find reading to be fun and interesting. Please add to the excitement by working with your student at home. Read to and with them daily. Model good reading habits by using the newspaper, magazines, iPads, Kindles, and other materials to spark interest. We will be making many books this year. We will keep these in our Special Book Boxes, and we will add to our libraries often. Please keep these books and use them to practice and review their new knowledge. Notice the advances they are making throughout the year, and praise them for all the hard work! At the end of the year the students will be filled with the excitement and joy of being able to read and learn new things on their own!

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dnealianThe class will be using the D'Nealian form of handwriting for all of our work. You will notice only small differences in the ways many of us were taught to form our letters, especially the "tails" attached to many of the letters in the alphabet.

Each week we will concentrate on a new letter. As we learn to form it correctly, we will practice its sound and how it is used in words. Once the alphabet is complete, we will work on consonant blends.

I challenge you to work with your student to follow the forms correctly and maybe even change the way you may print to model the letters at home! It can be homework for the whole family!


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mathThis year we will be busy with many new and exciting concepts for the students. We will work extensively on positioning, sorting, patterns, and graphing early in the year. We will concentrate on the numbers 1-5 at first.

Later we'll continue with the numbers 6-10, ordinal numbers, and comparisons of numbers. We will be able to count from 1-100 soon and be able to skip count as well. Our calendar work will help us with measurement, time concepts, and we will be looking at temperature and weight.

Money, mainly the penny, nickel, dime, and quarter, will be studied. We will see the difference between solid and flat shapes. We will be adding and subtracting, working with number relations, and joining groups.

There are a lot of fun things to do in math, at school and at home. I hope you can work with your students and help strengthen your student's skills with practice.

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scienceThe units in science revolve around our senses and the environment. We will talk about and learn how animals live, move, and grow.

We will take a good look at plants and see how they start from seeds and become beautiful creations of God.

The Earth's seasons will be discussed. We will work with water, air, and land. We will also see how water and air changes in our surroundings from one form to another.

We will work with sorting to be able to classify plants and animals and see their similarities and differences.

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Social Studies

globe clipart77ssWe using the Houghton Mifflin series. It is very informative and easy for the students to use in our classroom. In our studies we will notice how we as Catholic citizens have the right to watch over and take care of others and the environment. We want to help others in our school, home, and world as God wants us to behave. We will see how groups of others work together for the benefit of all. We will also study many historical figures in our culture and how they helped shape our world today.

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In kindergarten we introduce many topics with the help of Sra. Cano, our DVD teacher, and our workbook activities. I too will be helping the students practice a new sounding set of vocabulary that follows these subjects:

The calendar- greetings, days, months, numbers, and birthdays

Where do you live?- locations, rooms of the house, and family members

My body- body parts, number review, and colors

Are you hungry?- foods and review of colors

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Daily Schedule... subject to change...

clockWe have gym class on Monday and Wednesday. The students must have tennis shoes to follow the uniform rules and to participate in gym class. Please work on tying these shoes with your child until this skill is mastered! Many thanks!

We will see the music teacher on Monday and Tuesday. 

Our art times are on Tuesday for sketchbooks and Wednesday for art class.

The entire school attends Wednesday morning mass each week and on holy days.

Our library time is scheduled for Thursday afternoon. Please be sure to help your student get their books returned on time so another can be borrowed for the week.

Our computer class time will be each Friday morning to get acquainted with the computer lab and learn some basic ways the computers can be fun and helpful. Additional time will be spent using iPads in our classroom too.

Our regular days at school will start with prayer, pledge, calendar, and morning messages. We will use our SmartBoard to do many of these things. We will use manipulatives, graphs, and many other things to visualize our work in the math lessons. Then we will begin our reading and phonics work. Most days we will write about what we are discussing in journals and books for the week. We will have a small snack and then recess. After that we will look into something in science, discuss religion topics, and get ready for lunch. What a busy morning!

The afternoon begins with a short rest time after lunch and recess. We will then look at another shared reading book and create something artistic and interesting from that experience. We will study families, communities, maps, and many different people in our world in social studies. The class will have center times a few times a week to enjoy activities related the week's work and the letters and numbers we are studying. Some days we will read from our Weekly Readers or our Promise religion supplements. At the end of the day we will sit together and review all that we have accomplished. All in all, we will be very busy and active in our time together!

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