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Working to make our every thought, word, and action pleasing to God.


In addition to daily instruction in the Catholic Faith, we also provide our students with a strong academic program. Students study mathematics, reading, language arts, social studies, science, physical education, health, and Spanish language. The Diocese of Rockford has curriculum standards for each academic area. These standards were developed to coincide with or exceed Illinois State standards and the Next Generation Science standards.

Fine Arts

Our Fine Arts Program consists of art and music classes, along with various extra-curricular activities.

In the visual arts, students develop their knowledge and skills in the basic elements of art and the principles of design. We follow the Diocesan Fine Arts Curriculum. The arts will be used to enhance their learning across the curriculum. Art projects will be made to develop the students’ love of God.

Music-making at Holy Family is a “hands-on” process. Though notational and theory skills are necessary for an accomplished musician, it is essential that young students experience music by singing, moving, and performing. The junior high music program continues the improvisational nature of music making begun in the elementary grades.

Students can expand and share their talents by participating in one or more of our arts-related extracurricular activities: Choir, Community Art Club, Band, and Drama Club.


Our Technology curriculum is infused throughout the rest of our academic program, and students receive additional instruction in digital citizenship, keyboard skills, and many applications and programs weekly that will help them throughout their lives.

We are a 1:1 school, with each student having access to a device for use at school. Chromebooks are used in the upper grades, with iPads incorporated into the younger grades. Each K-8 classroom is equipped with a SmartBoard and we have upgraded our WiFi access throughout the campus.

We have a full technology lab, which includes more than 30 iMac computers, laser printers, and a 3D printer.

Learning Support

At Holy Family, we work to meet the educational needs of each of our students. Our Learning Support staff allows us to provide small group instruction and individual learning opportunities for students who may need extra reinforcement or additional challenges, especially in the areas of Reading and Math.

Standardized Testing

Each year, schools in the Diocese of Rockford administer the Iowa Assessment to students at certain grade levels. Our students, on average, score at or above grade level in each academic area. In the Spring of 2021, our 8th grade class, as a group, scored between one and two years above grade level in every academic area tested, and scored four years above grade level in Writing